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Therapeutic Tarot: A Powerful Tool to Overcome Your Issues and Fuel Change

Imagine a life where you can move forward with confidence, clarity, and purpose. A life where you break free from limiting beliefs and embrace the opportunities that await you.

You may have noticed that I offer therapeutic tarot to clients. But what is it?

In this blog, I will unravel the mysteries surrounding tarot, debunk misconceptions, and explain how I approach tarot within my client work.

I will delve into the incredible benefits that await those ready to invest in their self-discovery and growth through therapeutic tarot.


When the pandemic hit, many people faced feelings of uncertainty, hopelessness, and instability. People craved answers, guidance and for things to make sense to ease their anxiety. As such, more and more people turned to tarot to find the answers.

Tarot has had somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years. Apps like TikTok have meant tarot is becoming more accessible and more popular. I love to see it!

Thanks to social media, tarot’s popularity has grown- but tarot is far from mainstream. The damage was done centuries ago and there is still a need to correct the misconceptions that get in the way of tarot being used (and accepted) as a legitimate practice when healing.


Misconceptions of Tarot

When I say tarot reading- what thoughts and/or feelings come up for you?

Misconceptions about tarot readings can create barriers for those seeking guidance. Let's dispel the myths together.

I know before I picked up my first tarot deck, I believed what Hollywood taught me- that tarot was something ‘evil’ that ‘witches’ used to predict the future and reveal a person’s fate (which was usually always something terrible and filled with doom!)

Tarot readers always seem to be portrayed as eccentric charlatans, weird loners, or mysterious ‘spinsters’ to be wary of. With their crystal ball, the mystic can see into the future and cause havoc, chaos, and fear by sharing the vision with a mere mortal!

After 10 years of working with tarot, I know that none of this is true if the cards are worked with ethically and with the client's healing in mind.

The misunderstandings and inaccurate stereotypes surrounding tarot have damaged its reputation and created a sense of fear around its use.

The truth is….  tarot can be an empowering tool to overcome issues and create change.

Tarot Isn't Fortune Telling

If I had £1 for every time I’ve needed to bust this myth, I would be a rich lady!

Tarot is not about predicting a fixed future; it's a powerful catalyst for introspection, providing a framework for self-reflection and growth. No crystal ball needed – just an open heart and a willingness to explore the depths of your own psyche.

Tarot is about gaining clarity. Tarot helps with understanding the self or a situation in more depth, so you can feel encouraged to move forward.

Free will – the ability to act on one’s own discretion- is always in play. Because you can flex your free will at any time, it’s important to look at tarot guidance as mutable rather than static. No matter how the tarot reading is framed, it is never predicting your future or communicating a fixed fate.

Instead, it shows an accurate representation of your current state. Using carefully crafted questions, potential possibilities, or things that are currently out of your awareness, can be revealed.

You are not messing with fate by engaging with tarot, you are understanding yourself more deeply to take empowered action.

Tarot Isn't Evil

There is sadly an inaccurate association between tarot and evil energy!

This fear was instilled into society long ago through some religious teachings and the witch trials – these teachings were based on fear and anxiety.

Those with the power (men and the Church) feared change, individual empowerment, and what they didn’t understand. They attempted to control the use of tarot (a deeply feminine experience) through branding it as ‘devil work’.

Tarot is not evil. It is a neutral tool that can be used by anybody to deepen their connection with their own psyche and intuition.

My approach to readings is empathic and compassionate. You will not be told something unsettling or harmful! I work ethically and stay alongside your process. You should leave a reading feeling understood, uplifted, and supported.

Working with Tarot Therapeutically

It's natural to fear the unknown, doubt our decisions, or worry about what lies ahead. These fears often create subconscious blocks, hindering personal growth and progress.

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and it is one of my favourite offerings to clients because it can be so transformative. Tarot is a fantastic tool to develop self-awareness and to process shadow work.

Tarot is a mirror, reflecting your innermost thoughts, fears, and desires, guiding you towards a more balanced, aware, and fulfilled life. It can often bring to the surface the aspects of Self that have been buried, denied, or distorted so you can work through and overcome them.

I have developed my ‘reading style’ so clients can experience their session as healing, inspiring and informative.

By contemplating the symbolism, archetypes, and intuitive insights offered by the cards, together we can take a deeper look into your psyche for deeper awareness, understanding and acceptance.

As discussed earlier, therapeutic tarot transcends fortune-telling; rather, it's a dynamic tool for unlocking personal potential and fostering growth.

Against The Grain

I am well aware that this type of work goes against the grain of 'traditional' therapy.

There is a high possibility that other counsellors reading this will be squirming at my approach. Many will see it as unethical and going against the principles of the profession.

Tarot may be percieved as 'woo-woo' and nonsense to those who have no experience (or who have had a poor experience) due to the misconceptions outlined above. However, the truth is that tarot is embedded in psychological theory and understandings and can be used as a facilitative tool within the therapeutic space.

Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of psychology, was interested in how tarot could be used due to the archetypal meanings that can be extracted from the cards to help gain understanding of the client's inner world. However, in Vol II of his letters, Jung conceded that investigations into the use of tarot for psychological purposes had to be halted due to a lack of interest from his co-workers and a lack of means to continue research.

I often wonder where we would be now if his co-workers had been more open and curious to the tarot?

I do not use tarot as a directive tool or as a way to communicate a client's sealed fate. No. The tarot imagery is used as a tool or an intervention, not uncommon to how other interventions are used within the counselling room. Dance therapy, drama therapy, tapping, and mindfulness therapy are just some of the accepted interventions within the profession. Maybe tarot will take a little longer to be viewed as a legitimate therapy intervention, and that's okay.

My approach is well thought-out, it is ethical, and it is in keeping with the expected standards of the profession. I am just introducing another way to do the work.

I know that my approach to include a tarot offering will rub some up the wrong way, but that is okay. I know the profound impact a therapeuitc tarot session can have on a client's healing journey because I have witnessed it and it feels right that I offer this to clients, should they be interested.

So, what should you expect if you book a therapetuic tarot session with me?

What to Expect

A therapeutic tarot session involves a unique blend of therapeutic and intuitive techniques. Together, we will gently explore the hidden corners of your subconscious mind to identify blocks and work towards releasing them.

My readings are collaborative – this is not about you sitting and ‘receiving’ a reading or guidance. Your openness and reflections are key to you getting the ‘therapeutic’ element of the reading. As well as my own intuition being engaged, yours will be too, allowing us to get below the surface and look at the things that may be difficult to bring into the space organically because it is out of your current awareness.

In the session, you will choose 4 cards – one to represent each of the elements (earth, air, fire, water).  This allows us to see an ‘overview’ of your current energetic state and to work through the meanings they have for you.

Earth governs our material world, health, and career.

Air governs our communication, mindset, and knowledge.

Fire governs our passions, creativity, and sexuality.

Water governs our emotions, intuition, and relationships.

You will also choose 2 archetype cards. One archetype card will represent your strengths and what is serving you well, and one will represent an aspect of your way of being that is blocking your progress.

The imagery, archetypal meaning and overall energy of the cards will be used as a starting point to gently explore the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up for you as we 'read' the spread. I might ask you to describe what you feel when you look at the card, what are you drawn to, what do you think the card is saying, or why you think this card represents your circumstances? There are many avenues we can take to open up that exploration in a way that is meaningful, facilitative, and healing.

Is Therapeutic Tarot Right For You?

I truly believe that everybody and anybody can benefit from therapeutic tarot.

In the journey of self-discovery tarot can be a powerful and profound experience that represents a turning point in your healing. In my experience, there are certain issues that really do benefit from this approach:

1. Navigating Low Self-Esteem

For those grappling with low self-esteem, therapeutic tarot becomes a beacon of empowerment. Together, we'll explore the cards that unveil your strengths, offering guidance to build confidence and reclaim your sense of self-worth. Tarot, as a mirror to your inner self, allows you to rewrite the narrative and embrace the powerful, resilient YOU within.

2. Finding Your Way When Feeling Lost

In times of uncertainty, the tarot acts as your compass, providing clarity and direction. We'll journey through the cards to unveil insights into your life's purpose, helping you navigate the labyrinth of decisions and choices. Through this process, you'll regain a sense of purpose, transforming feelings of being lost into a path of purposeful living.

3. Reclaiming Your Identity

If you're yearning to reconnect with your authentic self, therapeutic tarot holds the key. Together, we'll explore the cards that mirror your true identity, unlocking the doors to self-discovery and acceptance. Start the journey to reclaiming your identity as the tarot reveal the layers of who you are beneath societal expectations and external influences.

4. Navigating a Big Life Change

It can be extremely difficult to think clearly when you have a lot of change going on. Whether its job loss, relationship breakdown, the menopause or having children- when life is changing in a big way for you, tarot can be an excellent guide. Therapeuitc tarot will offer clarity and minimise overwhelm as you regain your power and strength to navigate the change with certainty. Together we will find understanding for your situation and heal some of the hurt that has happened in the process.

Are you seeking more clarity, a deeper understanding and increased personal power?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation?

Book your therapeutic tarot session with me today, and let's unlock the path to your best, healed, self!